Well, we all write essays, no doubt.

But are they academic enough; we need to retrospect. An academic essay, to be successful, is expected to exhibit a number of features.

The first such element is the presence of quality research. paramountessays.com An academic essay is expected to be based on sound research and observation, not based on your intuition, though the latter is an indication of intelligence. Therefore, if you are planning to write an essay, the first thing for you to do is to understand the background of the subject and find our relevant materials. This is a tricky business. You will need to identify the pioneers in the field and read their materials to understand what the latest developments are in the specific area you write on. Otherwise, you are in danger of writing an essay that has no relevance in the current era. Second, the materials you rely on should be recent and reliable. Basing your essay on outdated materials is a poor indication of your knowledge in the field and results in poor grades. Similarly, depending on unreliable internet sources is another example of substandard writing because such sources often fail to provide you with incorrect information.

Once you identify the relevant sources and understand the background, it is time for you to read the materials and college relevant information. At this stage, it is a wise idea to keep a list of the materials you are using and the parts (pages, chapters, etc) that you find relevant in each of them. This makes your citation works easy.

Once you are confident with the information you have collected, it is time to try to write an outline and see how impressive it is. If you think that does not organize the idea to your satisfaction, rework on it until it looks perfect and covers the subject adequately. At this stage, give special attention to the fact that different types of papers have different structures, and that your outline is in the required structure. If you believe the outline is perfect, it is the time to further develop each section of the essay into completion. As you write, make sure that each section is limited to its purpose and that sections do not overlap.

Another important thing is the citation. When you write the essay, make sure that you acknowledge the use of ideas and information taken from other sources. Even when they are used indirectly, you need to cite them appropriately to avoid the issue of academic dishonesty. Again, make sure that you are citing those http://web.uri.edu/assessment/files/Thesis-dissertation_defense_evaluation_Dec2011_GradCouncil.pdf sources in the right structure. There are so website that writes papers for you many citation styles, like APA and MLA, and each of them has a different way of citing things. Give special attention to the citation style you need to follow and ensure that the essay follows the rules precisely.

Finally, editing and proofreading. This is an important area that students often ignore. After days and days of hard work preparing the essay, many students are left with no energy to read the essay they have prepared, and some find it too boring to again go through it. However, mistakes creep in even if you are an expert writer and ensure that you spend enough time on editing and proofreading.